Nehemiah Vaughn

Youth Ambassador, Green for All

Nehemiah is 19 years old from Oakland, California. In high school, he was the captain of his school basketball team and dreamed of being in the NBA, but found his asthma getting in the way of his ability to do the two things he loved most: basketball and rap. Nehemiah shared his story of what it’s like growing up with pollution and asthma when he submitted his lyrics to a nationwide talent competition organized by Green For All, a nonprofit program founded by Van Jones to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people of out poverty. Nehemiah was selected from the competition to be featured in Green For All’s #FuelChange Anthem — a song and music video about the harmful effects of tailpipe emissions from cars, trucks, and buses in communities of color. Nehemiah, who now also serves as a Green For All Youth Ambassador, hopes his story and music can help motivate a movement of people towards a zero-emission future that improves the health and opportunities for people from communities like his.