The Stanford Athletic Department boasts 36 varsity sports teams and over 900 student-athletes. These teams travel all over the country to compete at the highest levels of collegiate competition, but doing so comes at a cost. Flights around the country result in significant greenhouse gas emissions and contribute greatly to Stanford’s off-campus carbon footprint.

2016.05.25-Standford SCORE Press Release-IMAGE

In order to address this problem, SCORE – Stanford Carbon Offsets to Reduce Emissions – was created as a joint initiative of Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS) and Cardinal Council, in close partnership with Stanford Students Environmental Consulting (SSEC). Since winter 2015, students and student-athletes have been working on the SCORE program that will “neutralize” all emissions associated with Stanford varsity team air travel through purchase of carbon offsets. The SCORE initiative will kick off this spring by offsetting all of last year’s (2015) team air travel emissions – thus resulting in a net neutral carbon footprint for varsity team air travel.

SCORE will expand the conversation regarding climate change and climate responsibility to the realm of athletics. From a practical standpoint, publicity will be important in helping to ensure future support for this program, and ideally to inspire environmentally responsible action in other collegiate and professional athletic programs.

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