The Green Sports Alliance is the central hub of a growing movement to make sports more sustainable. Since launching nationally in March 2011 with 6 professional teams and 5 venues as founding members, we’ve grown to nearly 600 sports teams, venues, and fans.

Green Sports Alliance Members have made a commitment to improve their environmental performance. With the support of the Alliance and its partners, members are reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and eliminating toxic chemicals, among many other ongoing initiatives and accomplishments. They are integrating sustainability into their core operations, engaging fans, and saving substantial sums of money in the process.

Partners of the Green Sports Alliance include leading environmental organizations and sports and arena management companies. Partners provide fundamental support to both individual members and the greater mission of the Alliance.

This unprecedented collaboration is growing larger and stronger every week.

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The Green Sports Alliance is devoted to sports greening and bringing together teams and venues as champions of sustainability. Join us as a standard or premier sports member to receive resources, guides, and expertise on sports greening including: a vast network of sports greening professionals, industry case studies, monthly webinars, playbooks and greening guides, fan engagement tools, and more.


The Green Sports Alliance helps our members reach their environmental goals through direct support and focused research, facilitated networking with recognized leaders in the industry, compilation and sharing of best practices in venue operations and team communications, workshops, webinars, and more. An organization’s Corporate Members Network (CMN) helps the Alliance continue to progress regionally, nationally, and internationally as the leading trade organization/non-profit dedicated to sustainability and sports.

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