Our three pillars of work are Greening Operations, Greening Supply Chains, and Fan Engagement + Community Legacy. Within these pillars lie strategic partnerships and sharing industry best practices wihtin event greening and advisory services.

College Football Playoff: Playoff Green

Explored bringing together key environmental metrics in tandem with social impact.

Playoff Green

The Green Sports Alliance launched a new three-pillar approach to enhance the College Football Playoff National Championship Game experience for all stakeholders. These new “Core Pillars” will drive year-over-year continuity from which new KPIs will be developed. The three pillars are:

  1. Energize Fans – inspiring fans to act on climate change and critical socio-environmental challenges in their communities
  2. Activate Youth – educating young fans and athletes to become stewards of their communities.
  3. Leave No Trace – driving innovative, sustainable operation processes and policies to establish new norms for host cities.

As you can see from the results below, the Alliance raised the bar in 2022 and achieved a remarkable milestone in 2023 . Operations covered over 12 events across 6 different venues. The efforts of Playoff Green are industry-leading and blazing the path for others to follow.

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