2022 Green Sports Alliance Summit

Congratulations to the 2022 Environmental Leadership Awardee!

Timothy Leiweke with Oak View Group has led a transformative role in the development of Climate Pledge Arena with a sense of urgency and a commitment to zero. Thank you for your leadership, Timothy Leiweke, and your work in continuing to advance sustainable sports venues.

Congratulations to the 2022 Play to Zero Innovation Awardees! Celebrating innovations in sustainability as we the move and commit to zero in sports.

Net Zero Water Champion

Mercedes-Benz Stadium: achieving 100% reduction, reuse and offset of all water sources

Net Zero Waste Champion

Mercedes-Benz Stadium: achieving more than 90% waste diversion rate

Target Field Events: achieving greater than 90% diversion rate

The Coliseum at the University of Southern California: achieving greater than 90% diversion rate

State Farm Arena: achieving greater than 90% diversion rate

Net Zero Energy Champion

Wells Fargo Center: achieving 100% reduction and offset for all energy sources

Waste Champion

US Bank Stadium: having greater than 50% waste diversion rate.

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What is the annual Summit?

The annual Green Sports Alliance Summit is the largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability. The event brings together hundreds of industry stakeholders to learn and share better practices and the latest innovations in greening operations, advancing the supply chain and engaging fans.

Why it Matters

The sports industry is uniquely positioned to make large scale impact on the most pressing environmental and social issues that our world faces, by decreasing the carbon footprint of many of our largest public spaces and mobilizing communities to take action. The Summit seeks to highlight better practices for enhancing performance and fostering a dialogue with stakeholders and fans about environmental stewardship and social justice.

The 10th Annual 2020 Green Sports Alliance Summit, “Game On! The Future of Sports & Sustainability” brought together leaders in sports and sustainability, along with sustainability leaders from other industries and sectors to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best-in-class solutions and innovations for the next decade.

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