By KB Stars

As part of leading the practice of ESG management in Sports, the Cheongju KB Stars (Owner: Heo In) announced that it became the first organization in Korea to join the Green Sports Alliance (GSA), in which approximately 600 global sports groups are promoting environmental actions.

Both parties are sharing the consensus on the role of sports for future generations. Based on future cooperation, they plan to prepare sustainable activities at the team operations level to enhance public awareness regarding environmental protection.

In celebration of being the first in Korea to join the GSA, the KB Stars are holding a “Let’s Protect the Environment with the KB Stars!” event on World Environment Day (June 5). The event is intended to share and introduce to the public everyday ideas to help protect the environment. It will take place by having the participants take and upload photos of their stories, surroundings worthy of praise, etc. to social media and hashtagging the event name.

In addition, among those who participate in the event, there will be a drawing for 100 participants to be provided with specially designed pouches, tumblers, etc. The pouches are produced by upcycling the basketballs used during training and games by the KB Stars team from last season, and the items will include autographs of the team members, which will be limited-edition gifts in commemorating last season. The details of the event can be found on the official team website and social media channels.