Perfecto Sanchez

CEO, JourneyOne

Perfecto Sanchez was born in NYC and raised at U.S. Army Ranger School by way of West Point. He is a decorated military veteran turned brand marketer with the bad knees and buzzwords to prove it.

From launching Kraft’s most successful innovation to date to launching Brooklyn’s first Organic Christmas Tree Company, he brings his passion for people and purpose to each and every endeavor. Ask him how he became the first American to row across the North Sea, a world record setting project that raised money and awareness for Mission Blue and ocean sustainability.

He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of JourneyOne. JourneyOne is a comprehensive Employee Experience Technology Platform that addresses the $74B Employee Engagement market opportunity. Their mission is to activate Purpose in order to attract, retain and engage the #FutureOfWork. They do this by inspiring and measuring individual purpose-driven actions and corporate social impact on a global scale.