Justin Lyon

Senior Water Strategist & Engineer, Biohabitats

Justin is a Senior Water Strategist and Engineer at Biohabitats, a firm that applies the science of ecology to restore ecosystems, conserve habitat, and regenerate the natural systems that sustain all life on Earth. Formally trained in civil and environmental engineering and fueled by a passion for finding sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by facilities, neighborhoods, campuses, and communities, Justin creates transformative water infrastructure plans and designs for the built environment. Whether he is devising a strategy to improve water conservation at the master planning stage of a low-income housing development, designing onsite water harvesting and wastewater treatment and reuse systems for buildings striving for net-zero water use, or collaborating with other disciplines to meet the U.S. Eco-diplomacy goals for State Department properties overseas, Justin helps pubic, non-profit, and private sectors achieve their water-related goals. Justin’s low-energy designs are known for being simple to construct and operate, and for yielding additional benefits such as beauty, habitat, educational opportunities, and an enhanced visitor experience.