Mr. Jugo Imaizumi

Japan Sport Council, Vice President, Director General, Bureau of the New National Stadium, Planning and Construction

Jugo Imaizumi is Vice President of Japan Sport Council, which is the quasi-governmental organization in Japan specializing in sports promotional activities and whose principle is to strive to realize people’s better lives, better societies and better future through the power of sports.
Jugo is especially responsible for the construction work of the new National Stadium in Japan which will be the main stadium of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, management of the sports promotion lottery of Japan and providing financial support and subsidies for sports activities and building sports facilities in Japan by using sales of the lottery.

Jugo is also in charge of building the new strategy of JSC about “beyond 2020” whose target is to promote contribution of sports to solving social issues on sustainable development goals (SDGs) of UN with respecting the expected legacy of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games.

At the end of last July, Jugo was transferred to the current post from the Ministry of Education of Japan, in which he had had a long working carrier as reformer in the areas of Education, Sports and international affairs.