Jeff Tkach

Chief Growth Officer, Rodale Institute

Jeff Tkach serves as the Chief Growth Officer for the Rodale Institute. Jeff is responsible for expanding Rodale Institute’s global influence in healing people
and the planet by unlocking the full, transformational power of regenerative organic agriculture.

Tkach served on the Rodale Institute’s Board of Directors in 2016, where he was instrumental in galvanizing relationships between the organization and business
leaders in the organic food industry. With the commencement of his role as Chief Growth Officer, Tkach will resign from his position as a Board member.

From 2015 – 2016, Tkach served as Managing Director, Vice President for Rodale’s Organic Life and Prevention Magazines, where he oversaw business objectives and day to day operations for both brands, leading efforts across print and digital advertising, sales and marketing functions, digital, live events, and e-tailing components to maximize growth opportunities.