Emy Kane

Director of Digital Strategy, Lonely Whale

Emy is the director of digital strategy and program manager of the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp at award-winning Lonely Whale, an incubator for courageous ideas that drive impactful, market-based change on behalf of our ocean. The social media powerhouse spearheaded the #StopSucking campaign, the global award-winning viral social media challenge, which has since earned transcription into over 25 languages, including the six official United Nations languages, and has reached nearly 350 million viewers across 40 countries. Inspired to leverage the best-in-class digital and communications strategies for good, Emy uses her creative skillset to drive measurable impact on behalf of the ocean.

Emy has been recognized by Passion Passport as a top social media thought leader and practitioner and has presented at the third UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi; PVBLIC Foundation Media for Social Impact Summit hosted at UN headquarters; the Global Citizen Movement Makers Summit; Climate Woke artists retreat, an exclusive reception for public figures to discuss the intersectionality of climate change and race; Defend Our Future’s Youth Fly In Dinner, and others.