Arielle Gold

Professional Snowboarder & Olympic Bronze Medalist

Arielle Gold is a 23 year-old professional snowboarder and Olympic Bronze Medalist from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She is an undergraduate at the University of Colorado Boulder, working towards a degree in psychology with the hopes of eventually attending veterinary school and majoring in equine science. Over the past several years, Arielle has been volunteering with Protect Our Winters (POW), a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to uniting professional athletes and outdoor-lovers alike in the fight against climate change. Alongside POW, Arielle has spoken at several local elementary and high schools, inspiring awareness with the next generation and giving them the tools needed to reduce their own carbon footprint. More recently, Arielle had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC with POW, alongside several other Olympic athletes, to speak with congressman on Capitol Hill about the effects of climate change on her life and her sport. She hopes to continue using her influence as a professional athlete to bring awareness to the issue of climate change, and encourage sustainable living practices.