Summit Program

Tuesday, June 18th

Join us for a facilities-based tour of Citizens Bank Park, with a special focus highlighting greening initiatives. Enter through the Home Plate VIP Lobby on Pattison Ave., directly across from the link. Mary Ann Moyer will welcome everyone. If anyone needs parking, they can head to Lot P at the intersection of Pattison Ave. and Darien St. If they are taking the subway, it’s just a short walk down Pattison Ave. to the ballpark.

1 Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148 | Register to attend

Join us for a Green Sports Alliance Tour of the ongoing transformation 2020 project at the Wells Fargo Center. Personal safety equipment required (provided). No open toe shoes allowed.

3601 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 – Executive West entrance facing broad street

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1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Wednesday, June 19th

  • Roger McClendon | Executive Director, Green Sports Alliance
  • Don Smolenski | President, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Norman Vossschulte | Director of Guest Experience, Philadelphia Eagles
  • James F. Kenney | Mayor, City of Philadelphia
  • Jason Twill | Director, Urban Apostles (Co-founder & Founding Chair, Green Sports Alliance)
  • Nick Igdalsky | CEO, Pocono Raceway & Director, The Mattioli Foundation

In recent years, sports teams have made major strides in integrating ambitious sustainability goals into the design, construction and operations of sports venues. But what role do these teams have in tackling environmental issues faced by communities surrounding their venues? Many sports facilities reside within neighborhoods facing broader issues of ‘environmental justice’ where environmental benefits and burdens are not shared in an equitable manner. As the green sports movement evolves, sports industry professionals will face increasing pressure to act as environmental stewards well beyond the confines of team facilities. This panel will bring together diverse public, private and social sector leaders to offer insights and recommendations on the emerging dialogue around sports and environmental justice reform.

  • Moderator: Kunal Merchant | Managing Director, Lotus Advisory
  • Mustafa Santiago Ali | Co-Host, Hip Hop Caucus’ “Think 100% – The Coolest Show on Climate Change” & former Senior Vice President of Climate, Environmental Justice & Community Revitalization
  • Federico Addiechi | Head of Sustainability & Diversity, FIFA

The Thought Leadership Forum is a Green Sports Alliance Summit tradition focused on convening private sector leaders within the sports greening movement. The 2019 Thought Leadership Forum will examine corporate sustainability trends, initiatives, and vision with an eye to their application to the sports industry. Corporations use sustainability as a strategy and tactic to increase revenue, drive innovation, mitigate and manage risk, strengthen brand affinity, and establish a leadership position in accelerating positive change for the shared world. How can sport add to its playbook?

  • Moderator: Colin Tetreault | Global Sports Scholar, Arizona State University
  • Elysa Hammond | VP of Environmental Stewardship, Clif Bar & Company
  • Jami Leveen | Director, Communications & Strategic Partnerships, Aramark
  • Deborah O’Brien | Market Executive, Bank Of America
  • Andrew Singer | Vice President & General Manager, East Region, Constellation

Driving the theme of “Playing for the Next Generation”, join our group of Young Emerging Professionals as they speak to the trends in the sports greening movement and their perspectives on the trajectory for the sustainability & sports industry. Attendees are encouraged to engage in the roundtable Q&A along with the opportunity to meet fellow Young Emerging Professionals following the session.

  • Moderator: Graham Oberly | Sustainability Coordinator, Ohio State University
  • Bridget Abraham | Undergraduate Student, Arizona State University
  • Alex Baxter | Sustainability Program Manager, Blue Strike Environmental
  • Alexandra Criscuolo | Environmental Impact Consultant, Kickstarter

The Thought Leadership Forum is a Green Sports Alliance Summit tradition focused on convening private sector leaders within the sports greening movement. The 2019 Thought Leadership Forum will examine corporate sustainability trends, initiatives, and vision with an eye to their application to the sports industry. Corporations use sustainability as a strategy and tactic to increase revenue, drive innovation, mitigate and manage risk, strengthen brand affinity, and establish a leadership position in accelerating positive change for the shared world. How can sport add to its playbook?

  • Moderator: Colin Tetreault | Global Sports Scholar, Arizona State University
  • Ben Chadwick | Executive Director of Renewables, Constellation
  • Jami Leveen | Director, Communications & Strategic Partnerships, Aramark

The recent IPCC report says humanity has 12-15 years to halve global carbon emissions if we are to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. For a bit of perspective on how short a time span that is, Tom Brady is about to enter the 20th year of his career.

How is the sports world engaging right now to combat the carbon crisis? How might sports benefit from carbon pricing proposals under consideration at the federal and state levels? What are the impediments to sports putting its strongest foot forward on the carbon fight? What can we in the sports greening movement to do accelerate the pace of action on carbon?

Sports, Carbon & Climate will tackle these questions and more.

  • Moderator: Lewis Blaustein | GreenSportsBlog, LBS Green Consulting
  • David Antonioli | CEO, Verra
  • Steve Hams | Director of Engagement, Business Climate Leaders
  • Aileen McManamon | Founder and Managing Partner, 5T Sports
  • Kevin Wilhelm | CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting

The sports and entertainment industry play a crucial role in educating, engaging, and empowering our youth. Learn how organizations are leveraging the allure and networks of sports and entertainment to inspire the next generation in STEM, STEAM, conservation, and environmental stewardship initiatives in their communities.

  • Moderator: Emy Kane | Director of Digital Strategy, Lonely Whale
  • Edgar Farrera | Director of Sustainability, Circuit of The Americas / Formula 1 US Grand Prix
  • Jonathan Lowe | SVP, Business Development & Brand Strategy, LA Kings & AEG Sports

Water security, whether triggered by revolving drought or infrastructure failure, is a common theme across the United States. In light of these stresses, bulk water users, like college campuses and manufacturing centers, are turning to water reclamation to recycle billions of gallons and save hundreds-of-thousands of dollars each year. The WateReuse Association is the nation’s only trade association solely dedicated to advancing laws, policy, funding, and public acceptance of recycled water. Join WateReuse Board Member, Jon Freedman, of Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, in a lively discussion of water reuse and reclamation on college campuses with case study examples from WateReuse member organization Sustainable Water.

  • Moderator: Jon Freedman | Senior VP of Global Government Affairs Leader, Suez
  • Bob Salvatelli | Director of Business Development, Sustainable Water

The seventh annual Women, Sports & the Environment Symposium invites both men and women to a uniquely collaborative opportunity to reflect on what is needed to create youth programs for boys and girls that interrupt unconscious bias of current culture and establish an empowering and inclusive culture that is future forward. The Symposium will start on the main stage Day 1 with a panel of league leadership leading social responsibility and exploring what is truly needed to create an inclusive culture of play throughout their leagues and their youth programs. On Day 2, the audience will be invited to continue the conversation in a workshop to identify tools and tactics that participants can take back to their communities. The annual Women, Sports & Environment Symposium is one of the many ways that the Green Sports Alliance works to include the perspective of female thought leaders working at the confluence of sports and the environment.

  • Moderator: Jennifer Regan | Event & Sustainability Director, r.Cup
  • Jan Greenberg | Vice President, Social Responsibility, Major League Soccer
  • Melanie LeGrande | Vice President, Social Responsibility, Major League Baseball
  • Lauren Tracy | Director of Strategic Initiatives, United States Tennis Association
  • Heather Vaughan | Vice President, Marketing, Pac-12 Conference

  • Awards Host: Scott Jenkins | General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, AMB Sports & Entertainment Group
  • Awards Host: Jackie Ventura | Director of Sustainability and Operations, Miami Heat

1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Thursday, June 20th

We will explore the role sport has played in influencing the public narrative on social and environmental issues. We will discuss what is needed from different sport institutions to drive further change and progress on issues such as climate change.

  • Moderator: Cyrus Wadia | Former Vice President, Nike and Assistant Director, The White House
  • Charlie Gay | Solar Energy Technologies Office Director, Department of Energy
  • Kyle Lierman | CEO, When We All Vote; Former White House Policy Advisor
  • Perfecto Sanchez | CEO, JourneyOne
  • Mr. Jugo Imaizumi | Japan Sport Council, Vice President, Director General, Bureau of the New National Stadium, Planning & Construction
  • Mike Zimmer | President, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee

Join us to learn how athletes leverage their influence as role models to drive initiatives and progress on environmental, social, and DEI initiatives with the next generation.

  • Moderator: Terry Lefton | Editor-at-Large, SportsBusiness Daily, SportsBusiness Journal
  • Arielle Gold | Olympic Champion Snowboarder
  • Ryan Mundy | Founder of SWZLE, Former NFL Player, Pittsburgh Steelers

The unspoken pillar of sustainability, the industry sometimes neglects to address the social aspects necessary to create a sustainable model for the organization, its fans, and its athletes. Hear from our panel as they discuss corporate social responsibility avenues for businesses along with athlete wellness & leadership. Attendees are encouraged to engage in the roundtable Q&A along with the opportunity to meet fellow Young Emerging Professionals following the session.

  • Moderator: Dave Tyahla | Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University

Science has shown us that food is a natural performance enhancer – both on and off of the field. But, how that food is grown matters. Regenerative Organic Farming is leading to greater soil and environmental sustainability, break-throughs in human health, and the growth of nutrient-dense foods that will naturally fuel your team.

  • Erik Oberholtzer | Chef and Co-Founder of Tender Greens; Advisor, Cohere
  • Jeff Tkach | Chief Growth Officer, Rodale Institute
  • Dr. Scott Stoll | Co-Founder and Board Chairman, The Plantrician Project
  • Ashley Walsh | Founder, Pocono Organics

During the first couple decades of growth in sports sustainability, ‘green’ operations were perceived as causing additional costs with limited direct paybacks. However, as sustainability has grown in professional and college sports, operations such as zero waste, water conservation, local food, renewable energy etc. have created a business model opportunity that enlightened brands are aligning with through corporate sponsorships. In short, sustainable operations previously viewed as cost-centers are now increasingly seen as assets capable of winning revenues for the campus-and for sustainability departments. In this session, seasoned sustainability and marketing professionals will review how sports sustainability operations need to be re-framed, bundled, and marketed. Attendees will learn how to redefine sustainability cost-centers into assets, how sports properties market those assets, what the market for and appetite of potential brands sponsors may be and lessons learned from examples of asset monetization already in place.

  • Kunal Merchant | Managing Director, Lotus Advisory
  • Dave Newport | Director, Environmental Center, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Monica Rowand | University of Louisiana at Lafayette

This panel will walk through the details and nuances of the four Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse) in the context of waste at large scale events and venues, and then discuss how partnerships can provide the ‘special sauce’ to making zero waste possible and achievable, recognizing that sometimes big solutions come from the simplest ‘back to basics’ approaches. Reduce the amount of waste overall by buying only the quantities you need, buying non-hazardous products, buying local, buying fair trade where possible, and reducing the amount of event swag. Reuse bottles, banners, paper, pre-consumer kitchen food waste, and more. Recycle everything! Refuse non-compliant vendors, non-recyclable plastics, useless give-aways; and refuse to work with companies that aren’t sustainable or aligned with your environmental goals and initiatives.

  • Moderator: Tiffany Richardson, PhD | Sustainability Consultant, r.Cup
  • Lee Spivak and Kristofer Canto | American Family Insurance Championship
  • Rita Garza | Principal, Rhythm Strategy Consultancy
  • Scott Jenkins | General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Greg Lettieri | CEO & Co-Founder, Recycle Track Systems, Inc.
  • Mike Zimmer | President, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee

Changing climate conditions are expected to significantly affect workplace, office design and overall building operations. In many locations, businesses are already experiencing this impact (e.g., recent natural disasters with historic flooding, fires and hurricanes; roof collapses from extreme rain/snow events, etc.). Climate preparedness is critical to manage risk, and should be part of the strategic and master planning process. To develop a plan, an in-depth understanding of the changing local and regional climate conditions is applied to perform a resilience assessment of a business or campus infrastructure and operations. This assessment evaluates overall vulnerability to property damage, and disruption of systems such as energy/power (i.e., the physical plant), transportation, food and water.
Focusing on the importance of resilient design and operations in an era of climate change, we will engage and challenge attendees in an interactive dialogue. At the session beginning, an ice-breaker question will encourage participants to reflect on issues within their own workplace or building.

  • Elaine Aye | Regional Manager, RWDI
  • Molly Freed | Senior Policy Specialist, International Living Future Institute
  • Rex Hamre | Vice President – Sustainability Director, Southeast, JLL
  • Julianne Laue | Director of Building Performance, Mortenson
  • Laura Waters | Co-Founder, Circles

From building materials to food to paper to cleaning and more, the U.S. sports industry annually purchases approximately $485 billion and $1.35 trillion globally worth of goods and services. This session will discuss issues associated green purchasing and how your sports facility can meet your various purchasing needs while further reducing impact on health, community and the environment.

  • Stephen Ashkin | Founder and CEO, Sustainability Dashboard Tools and The Ashkin Group
  • Doug Gatlin | CEO, Green Seal
  • Gary Jones | Director, Environmental, Health, & Safety Affairs, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association
  • Brad Molotsky | Partner, Duane Morris

Solutions to climate change already exist. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware or interested in the problem, let alone in becoming part of the solution. Sustainability needs marketers, educators, and communicators. In many ways, public engagement (or in the sport industry – fan engagement) is the next frontier of sustainability work. However, communicating about climate change and sustainability can be challenging when the topic is politically charged, the science is complicated, and the scope of the problem is overwhelming. In this panel, three important points will be discussed: 1) the importance of getting the language right: knowing what brings people to the table, and what turns them away; 2) how to distill the climate problem into manageable pieces of information that are simple, yet convey urgency; and 3) how to leverage resources that will help your organization take the next step in fan engagement on sustainability. We’ll also present a case study of successful fan engagement by the Philadelphia Eagles, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, and engage a brief Q&A at the end.

  • Moderator: Madeleine Orr | Founder & Co-Director, The Sport Ecology Group
  • Paul Douglas | Meterologist, Founder and President, Praedictix
  • Eric Fine | Project Manager, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
  • Alterra Hetzel | Business Partnerships Manager, The Conservation Fund

  • Moderator: Jeffrey Mora | Chef and Owner, Food Fleet
  • Robert Bennett | Executive Pastry Chef, Classic Cake
  • Richard Grab | Senior Executive Chef, Philadelphia District, Aramark
  • Bill Reed | Principal, Integrative Design, Inc. and Regenesis