HP Pavilion in San Jose became the first multi-purpose sports and entertainment facility to utilize fuel cell technology as a source of electricity with the recent installation of Bloom Energy Servers. Home of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks and a new member of the Green Sports Alliance, HP Pavilion will replace approximately 90% of its off-day energy needs and 25% of game day energy use with the activation of the two 200-kilowatt fuel cell servers.

The fuel cells will allow HP Pavilion to reduce 4.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide from its carbon footprint over a ten-year period, the equivalent of removing over 400 passenger vehicles from roads, at the public facility.

“Congratulations to HP Pavilion for being the first arena in the nation to implement Bloom Energy’s cutting-edge fuel cell technology,” said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. “As the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a hub of clean tech innovation, and it is fitting that our arena would showcase how investing in renewable energy can reduce long-term operating costs and save energy.”


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