By Australian Football League

The world is facing a waste epidemic which is evident right here in WA. Compared with other Australian states, WA is the second largest generator of waste in Australia and the second worst recycler. This is a challenge we need to address and is compounded by the fact that China, which has taken our recycling for the last 20+ years has become far more stringent on the recycled materials they accept. If we improve how we recycle, China will accept more of our waste, reducing what ends up in Landfill in WA. So as a state we need to start changing our ways.

Many of the players, coaches and staff at the Eagles are passionate about this issue and want to try and make a positive impact. Venturing into sustainability is new for the club, so this is just the beginning, but we are hoping that declaring that we want to be more sustainable in terms of waste management and showing our fans the journey we are taking, will help convince them to do it with us.

If we can help educate all of our 600,000+ fans to be more conscious of their recycling habits then it will make a massive difference to the environment in WA.

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