The new lighting at Munn Arena on the Michigan State campus has done more than just replace outdated technology. The lighting retrofits, installed over the summer as part of a major renovation project at the school’s hockey venue, have been beneficial for all parties concerned – fans, players, stadium operators, and the school’s finance department.

The $575,000 LED installation provides brighter, more expansive lighting coverage across the ice surface at Munn Arena, making it easier for fans and players to see the action as it transpires on the ice. The new system will draw around one-fifth the power of the old lighting; the retrofit is projected to pay for itself in five to seven years. It has the added benefit of seriously reducing the load on the ice-making plant at the facility due to a lack of direct heat being produced by the LED lights. They will also need replacement far less often than the old technology, with a 10-year/100,000-hour life expectancy.

“Fans will notice an amazing difference in light quality,” said Greg Ianni, deputy director of MSU Athletics. “And it’s a bright, clean light. Not yellow. It’s like opening a retractable roof. It magnifies the ability to see what’s going on. And goalies say they can see the puck a lot better.”

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