by Winnipeg Jets PR

As part of the night, the Jets will host Climate Change Connection and Green Action Centre on the concourse

Ensuring that hockey thrives for future generations, the NHL is celebrating Green Month in March. As part of the initiative, the Winnipeg Jets will host their second annual Go Green Night at Bell MTS Place (BMP) on Thursday, March 14 when the Boston Bruins come to town. Game time is 7 p.m. CT.

As part of the night, the Jets will host Climate Change Connection and Green Action Centre on the concourse. The organizations will promote ways for Jets fans to be more environmentally friendly, and provide information on how to do so.

The NHL’s environmental mission aims to find areas in which the league can reduce its environmental impact, transform the larger hockey industry to adopt sustainability best practices, and inspire the communities that they play in to follow their lead. The Jets Go Green Night will promote the many ways True North Sports + Entertainment and the league are meeting those goals to protect our planet.

With various venues throughout Winnipeg, True North not only strives to monitor and improve its environmental footprint at BMP, but at all of its facilities including the Bell MTS Iceplex, Burton Cummings Theatre, and Camp Manitou. The major areas of focus are on recycling efforts, waste management, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

As a member of the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) the Winnipeg Jets and Bell MTS Place are working to identify the necessary tools to make informed sustainable choices that benefit their fans, their venues, their bottom lines, and the environment:

  • Around 100 pounds of cardboard are recycled each day at BMP
  • Approximately 2,000 pounds of kitchen scraps and coffee grinds are composted per week
  • In 2018, Bell MTS Place diverted 200,000 litres of oil from going to waste
  • All of the cooking oils used in BMP are collected and recycled into biodiesel and sold in rural Manitoba
  • BMP is almost exclusively LED powered
  • Only eco-friendly and Certified Green products are used in True North facilities
  • True North is proud to have an eco-friendly paper supplier that plants two trees for every one tree that is cut down
  • Since June 2011, the following waste has been diverted from landfills:
    • o 156 tonnes of plastic
    • o 229 tonnes of compost
    • o 243 tonnes of cardboard
    • o 76 tonnes of cooking grease

Last year, True North carried the Go Green campaign into the summer, leading community park cleanups at Stephen Juba Park, St. Vital Park, and Omand’s Creek in late August and early September. True North will again host park cleanups in summer 2019 in partnership with the Manitoba Eco-Network.

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