Since 2009, the University of Washington has committed to bringing its operations in line with Salmon-Safe certification. That extended to the renovations on Husky Stadium, home of the university’s football team, which became the first sports stadium to take into account the protection of salmon and waterways during construction.

Salmon-Safe certification entails the prevention of sediment runoff from construction sites. By implementing pollutant control and runoff protection measures, Turner Construction – the contractor that led the Husky Stadium renovations – was able to successfully meet the accreditation procedures that allowed the stadium to become the first in the United States to successfully meet the Salmon-Safe requirements.

Among the procedures required to meet the certification benchmarks included the use of reclaimed concrete from renovated sections, vehicle washing to prevent sediment contamination for all vehicles leaving the site, and the creation of stormwater detention ponds that resulted in the treatment to potable status of more than 7.8 million gallons of water from the site.

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