October 6, 2016

Today, the Green Sports Alliance proclaims October 6th the inaugural Green Sports Day with support from The White House. President Obama and the Office of Science and Technology Policy announced exciting new actions by Federal agencies and outside organizations who are using innovative approaches to tackle climate change through sports.

From The White House:
New Actions to Tackle Climate through Sports

Today, on the inaugural Green Sports Day and in line with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ visit to the White House to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is announcing a set of exciting new actions by Federal agencies and outside organizations who are using innovative approaches to tackle climate change through sports.

I send greetings to all those marking the inaugural Green Sports Day.

America is leading the fight against climate change, and our favorite sports teams, athletes, and their fans have stepped up to the plate—taking significant steps to reduce their carbon footprints and educate people about sustainable solutions. On Green Sports Day, we celebrate these efforts and recommit to building a cleaner, safer, and healthier planet for all.

While captivating audiences in the thrill of the game, stadiums and venues around our country have become beacons of excellence in sustainability through the use of innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies. Athletes have also demonstrated their commitment to shaping a brighter future by speaking out about climate change.

The Federal Government is proud to work with America’s sports community to promote sustainability. Embracing renewable energy, the National Hockey League is currently the 25th largest user of green power in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership. The Department of Energy has an ongoing partnership with professional sports leagues to support clean energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing competition and bettering the fan experience — including through improving the performance of NASCAR vehicles and track lighting. And the Department of State has been sending former and current professional athletes and coaches around the world to develop green sports events in communities abroad.

As we recognize these accomplishments, we rededicate ourselves to seizing the opportunities that will advance clean energy, improve energy efficiency, and increase our resilience to climate change. On this inaugural Green Sports Day, let us rededicate ourselves to safeguarding the one planet we share and strive to encourage sports fans across the globe to do the same.

— President Obama