Oregon State University Athletics, Beaver Athletes Sustainability Team (BAST)

Nomination Application

Description of Project or Initiative: Please describe the program or initiative and how the applicant is leading the industry in encouraging environmental and social change in 500 words (4000 characters) or less. Be sure to include how the project or initiative embodies the 2017 Green Sports Alliance Summit Theme, PLAY GREENER ™: Engaging Fans, Athletes, and Communities.

The BAST (Beaver Athletes Sustainability Team) is comprised of student-athletes across all sports working to make the Oregon State athletic department the most sustainable and environmentally conscious athletic department in the Pac-12. The hope is to create a culture within Oregon State athletics that understands and recognizes the impact we have on the environment and strives to develop solutions to reduce that impact.

The team is leading the way in student-athlete involvement with collecting give away items after games, helping educate fans on proper recycling, and constantly pushing OSU athletics to make Oregon orange again. With weekly meetings, the group sits down to brainstorm ways on making environmental impacts on campus and within athletics. With the current projects of getting solar panels on all facilities through Players for the Planet, composting at team meals, energy efficient light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, and light timers so lights/TVs/computers are not constantly running. Recently with the help of the Green Sports Alliance and Pac-12’s initiative with various challenges, the BAST team has been more hands on with educating fans at games with what is acceptable to be recycled and what is not.

If possible, provide qualitative or quantitative data that demonstrates the environmental or social impact of your project.

During this past football season, the BAST group collected pompoms after the game from fans and throughout the seats. The team was able to collect 350 of the 500 pompoms back for our game against Cal and then 200 of the 500 LED light sticks that were handed out during the Arizona game. The group also educated 30 incoming student-athletes during the athletic departments BEST program about sustainability. During the Women’s Basketball Civil War game, the group collected 150 of the 500 pompoms distributed. The group is also using Eco-2-go containers that the school provides around campus during team meals. This helps to reduce the spread of illness around campus and is much more sustainable without generating waste.