LA Kings

Description of Project or Initiative: Please describe the program or initiative and how the applicant is leading the industry in encouraging environmental and social change in 500 words (4000 characters) or less. Be sure to include how the project or initiative embodies the 2017 Green Sports Alliance Summit Theme, PLAY GREENER ™: Engaging Fans, Athletes, and Communities.

In celebration of the NHL’s annual NHL Green Week, the Los Angeles Kings recently announced the launch of a new sustainability program, LA Kings Green. LA Kings Green is one of the few, if not only, NHL team sustainability program developed with the understanding that environmental issues directly impact hockey, a sport often learned atop of frozen ponds. The program is designed to reduce the team’s environmental footprint and puts focus in three areas: Arena Operations, Fan Engagement, and Community Engagement.

Through LA Kings Green, the LA Kings are minimizing the environmental impact of their games and practices, supporting local environmental projects, and creating opportunities for our fans and partners to help build healthier, more sustainable communities. The LA Kings has one of the largest and most committed fan base in the NHL. The team aims to provide positive and actionable information, so fans can take lessons learned during their time at STAPLES Center home with them. Whether it’s through PSAs and in game announcements or providing the option to purchase reusable team merchandise, Kings fans have opportunities to play greener and get more engaged in environmental initiatives.

In the 2016-2017 season, the LA Kings partnered with various environmental organizations such as GRID Alternatives and Heal the Bay to drive awareness to sustainability-related causes. Through its partnership with GRID Alternatives, the Kings sponsored the solar panel installation of a family’s home, which is estimated to save the household more than $20,000 in energy-related costs for a 20-year period, avoiding 44 tons of emissions. The LA Kings also hosted a tri-city beach clean-up with Heal the Bay, and brought together more than 250 volunteers and removed 700 lbs. of trash in just two hours.

If possible, provide qualitative or quantitative data that demonstrates the environmental or social impact of your project.

The LA Kings are partnering with STAPLES Center and AEG 1EARTH, AEG’s corporate sustainability program, to continuously improve the sustainable practices of the team and arena. STAPLES Center was the first US NHL arena to install LED sports lights, which use substantially less energy and provide better lighting. Additionally, STAPLES Center has had 346 kW of solar panels on its roof since 2009. In 2015, the venue installed 500 kW of fuel cells. Between the solar panels and fuel cells, the venue can generate up to 33% of its own power.The LA Kings are also increasing waste diversion at home games and in 2015, the total amount of waste STAPLES Center sent to landfill was reduced by 68% comparted to 2010.  All environmental data is captured in AEG’s data tracking system and reported towards AEG’s 2020 Environmental Goals.