By Upcyclers Network

Closing the Material Loop features over 15 case studies contributed by corporate, non-profit, and public sector leaders who understand the economic and environmental imperative to utilizing waste. By shining a spotlight on organizations and partnerships that have created successful programs and business models to recover and reuse materials, the report aims to inspire more communities and businesses to take a proactive role in uncovering the value within their waste.

Featured public sector and non-profit organizations included in the report are Cal Recycle, the City of Austin, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, Kent County, the City of Phoenix, the Southeast Recycling Development Council, Lonely Whale, NextWave, the Resource Solutions Innovation Network, and the US Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Featured private sector organizations included in the report are Aquafil, the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Best Buy, Circular Solutions Advisors, Dell, Ecoculture Manufacturing Corp, Ecologic Brands, ECOR, ERI, HP, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Oxnard Pallet Company, UNIFI, Up Cycle it Now, and The Super Bowl.

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