By , Solar Power World

POWERHOME Solar will begin installing solar panels on Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers, within the next few weeks.

These new panels will help reduce energy costs and the stadium’s carbon footprint. In 2018, the NFL joined the Green Sports Alliance to support sustainability efforts across the entire league.

“Bank of America Stadium has created several sustainability goals, including using renewable energy,” said Scott Paul, vice president of stadium operations for Bank of America Stadium. “POWERHOME Solar’s use of American-made solar panels and its local roots made it the ideal partner to help ‘green’ the stadium.”

POWERHOME Solar, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, will help the Panthers maximize energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize their carbon footprint.

“Bank of America Stadium is the third NFL facility to utilize POWERHOME Solar to help meet sustainability goals,” said Jayson Waller, founder and CEO of POWERHOME Solar. “Large commercial sites like this help us educate consumers about the simplicity and benefits of renewable energy. We hope to encourage thousands of fans to consider renewable energy and think more about the environment.”

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