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Solar Companies Can Score Big with Sports Venue Installations


Vaha Energy’s installation for the Los Angeles Lakers UCLA Health Training Center. Credit: LG

Vaha Energy’s installation for the Los Angeles Lakers UCLA Health Training Center. Credit: LG

Solar contractors that can clinch sports venue projects get a great marketing advantage with the high visibility of these partnerships, but they’re often a considerable challenge even for the most seasoned installers due to aesthetic requests and massive energy consumption.

Vaha Energy learned this lesson firsthand on its installation for the Los Angeles Lakers’ UCLA Health Training Center. (This Clevelander had to suspend her grief on losing LeBron during this conversation.)

The building had a large, unobstructed flat roof that would’ve been perfect for solar panels. But Vaha couldn’t put panels on it, because the Lakers wanted to instead use that space for its logo.

“One thing with a sports team is everything is about branding and logos, so there was marketing value to them to put [the logo] there that, to my understanding, was worth more than the value of the power offset,” said Geoff Tomlinson, CEO of Vaha Energy.

The Lakers were after a LEED Platinum certification, a points-based green building rating system. Solar can add a considerable amount of points to a building’s tally.

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Los Angeles Lakers Tap Into The Sun With LG Solar Installation On Training Facility

By , Clean Technica


The Los Angeles Lakers are tapping into the sun with a new LG Solar installation by Vaha Energy on their new headquarters at the UCLA Health Training Center.

The new 171kW system is comprised of 456 of LG’s 375 watt NeON 2 panels and is expected to generate 245MWh of electricity annually. The system is expected to save the facility about $38,000 per year, or a rate of $0.16/kWh, which should pay off the system in an impressive 4 years, according to installer Vaha Energy.

The rapid payoff time highlights just how lucrative solar deals have become in recent years as falling prices of solar panels have propelled the industry to cut soft costs for systems, making returns on solar systems lucrative for even the bean counters over at corporate.

The facility itself is 120,000 square feet of LEED Platinum certified interior that hosts all of the training activities for the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the home court of the NBA G league South Bay Lakers. The space contains everything you’d expect from a basketball court and makes for one heck of a flagship installation for a massive solar array.

“Through the use of solar and by achieving LEED Platinum on their new facility, the Lakers have shown a commitment to sustainability of which Vaha Energy has long been an advocate,” Geoff Tomlinson, chief operating officer of Vaha Energy shared. “As the developer of this project, we hope that Lakers solar panels will inspire others in their community to follow suit.”

The installation by the world famous NBA team opens up the message of low cost, short return on investment rooftop solar panels to an entirely new audience. That message gets out both through associated messaging and marketing efforts but also simply through their presence on the roof.

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Detroit Lions Add Solar to Stadium and Team Facilities

PV Magazine

The Lions become the 12th NFL franchise to add solar power to their facilities, furthering a growing trend that now includes 38% of the league.

2018.08.06-Detroit Lions Solar-IMAGE

Image Source: PV Magazine, via Wikimedia Commons

The Detroit Lions are among the NFL’s leaders – now there’s a phrase you don’t hear often – in utilizing solar power. This past week North Carolina’ s Power Home Solar announced a partnership with the team that includes solar projects at both Ford Field and team training facilities in nearby Allen Park.

With this announcement comes a major milestone for solar in the NFL: each of the league’s eight divisions now include at least one team with solar capabilities. The NFL leads the four major North American pro sports leagues in terms of the number of teams with installed capacity at 12 – 33% more than the MLB and NBA and 200% more than the NHL.

There may be more to come, as Power Home co-founder Jayson Waller told pv magazine that the company is in negotiations for further developments with the Lions, as well as multiple other stadiums in the upper midwest.

While Waller declined to reveal the installed wattage, he was able to share that the project is using panels made in Texas by Mission Solar, with Solar Edge 3-phase inverters.

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