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St. Louis Cardinals Show Economic Impact of Going Green

Two years after moving to the new Busch Stadium, the St. Louis Cardinals implemented their “4 A Greener Game” sustainability plan to mitigate the environmental impacts of hosting Major League Baseball games. Since 2008, the team has shown major improvements in reducing energy use and waste generation.

For the Cardinals, the biggest impacts have come in the form of reduced energy use. By switching to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) for nearly all the lighting throughout Busch Stadium, St. Louis has cut its energy costs by 20 percent. They have also installed more energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems throughout the ballpark.

In addition to energy savings, the team has also benefitted from policies that have diverted over 2,500 tons of waste from landfills through recycling and composting programs. In the process, the Cardinals have reduced solid waste output by 30 percent. They have also reduced water use at the ballpark by 10 percent.

“It’s keeping score, not only from an energy standpoint but from a dollar standpoint,” Cardinals vice president of stadium operations Joe Abernathy said. “If you won’t keep score, you’ll never know.”

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Atlanta Falcons Break Ground on New Stadium

Work has officially commenced on a new stadium projected to open in 2017 in Atlanta. With a $1.2 billion price tag, the 71,000-seat stadium designed by 360 Architecture will incorporate many high-tech features such as an innovative retractable roof and 360-degree video board. It will also utilize the latest in sustainable building practices to help reduce the environmental impact of the new construction.

Using the latest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines from the U.S. Green Building Council, the stadium continues a trend of sustainable stadium construction that has grown in the past decade in the United States. The stadium will serve as the home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and a Major League Soccer expansion franchise.

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U.S. EPA Takes Action to Curb Carbon Pollution

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled details of a landmark proposal to curb carbon emissions from existing power plants.

The following is a statement from Green Sports Alliance Executive Director Martin Tull:

“The Green Sports Alliance applauds President Obama’s action to put the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants through the Clean Air Act.

We appreciate his leadership on this critical issue. The health of the sports industry depends on a stable climate, and all the major sports leagues understand and recognize the risks that escalating climate change pose toward their future.

Moreover, this action is good for our economy, and a strong economy is also good for the sports industry. Today’s action is estimated to save American households and businesses $37.4 billion on their electric bills in 2020 while creating more than 274,000 jobs. And, it will do so while slashing carbon pollution by 531 million tons per year, nearly 25 percent by 2020 from 2012 levels.

All sports venues will benefit from this action, and over the past few years members of the Green Sports Alliance have demonstrated that adopting smart environmental strategies is good for people, the environment and business.

Many teams have made a commitment to mitigate their carbon emissions and reduce their overall carbon footprint by choosing clean and renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiencies and integrating sustainable transportation initiatives at their venues. Through these actions, and the action taken by the U.S. EPA today, Green Sports Alliance member teams and venues are helping move the sports industry, and this country, towards a better, more prosperous future.”


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