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Paris 2024 to ‘Set New Standards’ for Sustainable Sports Events with Zero Carbon Agenda

By Matthew Campelli, Sport Sustainability Journal

2018.12.21-Paris 2024-IMAGE

Games concept will generate “around half the emissions” of previous Olympics due to limited construction, renewable energy and ‘green’ mobility.

Paris 2024 will “set new standards” for sustainable sports events by becoming the first Olympics to align with the Paris Agreement, according to the Games’ environmental excellence director.

Key to this vision, explained Georgina Grenon, is Paris 2024’s “zero carbon agenda”. She said that the Games concept will generate “around half the emissions” of previous Summer Olympics as 95% of the venues are already constructed, or will be temporary.

Developers working on the temporary venues are “exploring new ways of building, operating and reusing structures”.

Spectators will be encouraged to use public transport and active mobility, while all Games staff and athletes will be transported via “100% green mobility”, including electric, biogas and hydrogen cars and buses.

In addition, all unavoidable emissions will be “compensated”, said Grenon.

“The ambition of Paris 2024 is summarised in one phrase. It will be both spectacular and sustainable,” she revealed at COP24, where Paris 2024 became one of the first signatories to commit to climate neutrality through the UNFCCC’s Sport for Climate Action Framework.

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Tokyo 2020 Signs Letter of Intent with the United Nations Promoting the Contribution of Sport to Sustainable Development

By The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020 ) and the United Nations have concluded a Letter of Intent (LOI) aimed at promoting the contribution of sport to sustainable development and supporting achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more specifically.

The LOI was signed today by Alison Smale, UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, and Toshiro Muto, Tokyo 2020 Chief Executive Officer, during a UN delegation visit led by Ms. Swale to Tokyo.

The two parties agreed to cooperate by promoting activities that will help raise awareness of the contribution of sport and of the Tokyo 2020 Games towards achieving specific SDGs, as well as drive a more global understanding of the SDGs amongst the Japanese population. Tokyo 2020 and the UN will work together to leverage the United Nation’s own events and media platforms to increase the public’s knowledge of the links between the SDGs, sports and sporting events among citizens of Japan and other countries.

Commented Smale, “I am proud to sign this Letter of Intent, which will allow us to work with Tokyo 2020 to shine a light not only on the accomplishments of the athletes, but also on how the event is managed in innovative and responsible ways. This is a great opportunity to leverage our platforms to begin conversations about the contributions of Tokyo 2020 to SDG implementation and the power of the Olympic Games to promote peace and development worldwide.”

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Get the Ball Rolling: Dow’s Blueprint for Unlocking Carbon Reductions

By Stephanie Erwin and Katie Ellman, GreenBiz

Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, from Dow Chemical, talks about taking material science to the Olympics.

Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, from Dow Chemical, talks about taking material science to the Olympics.

To date, Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions has delivered 3.64 million tons of CO2e reductions, and it’s on track to exceed 6 million tons by 2026. This unique partnership between Dow and the International Olympic Committee uses sport and the Olympic brand as platforms to demonstrate how science and technology can help the transition to a lower-carbon future.

The collaboration leverages Dow’s materials science expertise, technologies and science-based solutions to deliver climate benefits — and, in the process, to provide actionable lessons learned to organizations across sectors.

As global technology and sustainability director for Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions, improving the world through sport is more than an Olympic Movement philosophy, it’s a way of life for Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi. Piccolrovazzi helps to organize committees, bid cities, large-scale events, business partners and other key stakeholders address technology and sustainability-related needs with Dow solutions.

Bard MBA’s Stephanie Erwin spoke with Piccolrovazzi about how sports and the Olympics fit into Dow’s larger structure, business and strategy.

Stephanie Erwin: Most people don’t think of sustainability or sports when they think of Dow chemical. Your mission statement talks about creating innovation at the intersection of chemistry, biology and physics. How do sports and the Olympics fit into the organization’s strategy?

Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi: Dow is a world-leading materials science company. We often talk in very technical terms, and people sometimes struggle to understand what we do. This is really why we’ve embarked on a sports partnership — to help us communicate about our science and technologies, and to help them become more visible for consumers.

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