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The Green Games: Tokyo 2020

Climate Action Programme

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After attending the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games as a spectator while still a high school student, Tsunekazu Takeda knew that he wanted to become an Olympian.

His progression from competitor, then coach, to member of the International Olympic Committee and President of Tokyo 2020 gives him a clear vision for the future of the Olympic movement.

Mr. Takeda spoke to Climate Action about this vision and the ability of an Olympic games to accelerate sustainability and the green economy.

Read the full interview here.

Your Sustainability Guide to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2030

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Excerpt from Introduction:

This guide explores how the Park, venues and events have been developed to respond to and tackle the significant environmental challenges of our time: a changing climate, the loss of biodiversity and the overconsumption of vital resources. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London has a fantastic opportunity to lead the way in sustainable living for its neighbours across London and beyond.

However, sustainability in the Park goes beyond the environment. It is also a story of social equality and employment, and of economic growth and prosperity. These wider social, economic and environmental purposes make up the London Legacy Development Corporation’s overarching environmental themes [see p.48]. They define its contribution to the shared objective of convergence, ensuring that legacy benefits stretch beyond the Park borders into the surrounding communities. They also influence the Development Corporation’s entire work programme, from internal operations, to planning legacy communities, to defining operating arrangements for venues.

View the full guide here.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games High Level Sustainability Plan


The Olympic and Paralympic Games are one of the world’s largest sports events, and the delivery of the Games has more wide-ranging impacts than we could imagine, not on the field of sports alone, but also on society, the economy and other fields. The Games’ influence will go beyond Tokyo, the Host City, extending across Japan and the world. Given the growing momentum for efforts to project the global environment, it is vital that these concerns are fully addressed in the preparations for the delivery of the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

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Click here to view the Sustainability Plan.