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San Francisco Giants Reclaim the Green Glove Award

By MLB News

2018.12.20-SF giants green glove-IMAGE

Club secures its 10th Green Glove Award in 11 seasons with league-leading 94 percent diversion rate during 2018.

Major League Baseball has named the San Francisco Giants as recipient of the 2018 Green Glove Award, which recognizes the MLB Club with the highest waste diversion rate, after diverting 94 percent of all waste at AT&T Park from local landfills. The Giants, who collected nine consecutive awards between 2008 and 2016, secured its 10th Green Glove Award in 11 seasons.

The Giants continue to set industry records with their waste diversion numbers year after year. Despite losing the Green Glove Award to the Seattle Mariners in 2017, the Club still diverted 93 percent of their waste from going to landfills that year through an aggressive recycling and composting program. Since winning their second Green Glove award in 2009 with a 57 percent diversion rate, the Giants have seen their efforts increase by 37 percent to land at this year’s impressive number. The Club has continuously been recognized for its commitment to recycling, including winning the Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) Award, administered by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (Cal Recycle) for outstanding waste reduction efforts. Also in 2012, the Giants won the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), California’s highest environmental honor.

In efforts to become an even more sustainable organization, the Giants made adjustments to infrastructure at AT&T Park to ensure an overall eco-friendly environment. Prior to the 2017 season, the Giants completely retrofitted the field lighting at AT&T Park replacing all current lighting fixtures with LED lights. By upgrading the 556 main fixtures with LED lights, the current per fixture wattage was reduced by more than 50 percent – from 2250 kilowatts to 960 kilowatts per fixture. The change saved an estimated 3,586 kilowatt hours per game or 290,466 kilowatt hours for the regular season. The Giants also increased their field water efficiency by installing a new underground sprinkler system, which allows the field manager to address any microclimates on the field without overwatering, creating a more consistent playing surface.

“We are proud to present the San Francisco Giants with their 10th Green Glove Award,” said Paul Hanlon, Senior Director of Ballpark Operations & Sustainability, Major League Baseball. “The Giants have become leaders in sustainability with their robust programs and initiatives, including their commitment to recycling and the conservation of water and electricity – which have proven to be incredibly effective. We will continue to encourage and support our 30 Clubs as they pursue a sustainable environment in their ballparks and throughout their respective communities.”

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Fighting Climate Change Should Make Americans Come Together to Find Solutions

By Brent Suter, Fast Company

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brent Suter knows sports can unite us – climate change should do the same thing.

[Photo: Austin Chan/Unsplash]

[Photo: Austin Chan/Unsplash]

Baseball is America’s pastime. It’s part of our identity and our culture. Americans love the sport, and the national camaraderie the comes with it, while rooting for their favorite team. That’s why I was proud to pitch for the 2018 National League Central Division Champion Milwaukee Brewers this year. I saw how my city of Milwaukee came together to cheer us on towards our goal of the World Series. And while we lost our bid for the series, there’s a bigger test ahead for us. It requires that we come together, just like we do with sports, to address the very real threats from climate change.
These threats are impacting every community, including mine. In playing for the Milwaukee Brewers, I represent a city with a strong heritage in the beer industry. But get this, climate change is now going to impact beer as well. Recently, a new study noted that drought, heatwaves, and extreme weather associated with climate change will drastically reduce crop yields of barley, a key ingredient in beer. This is going to double the price of beer for consumers and have a huge impact on my city’s beer industry. But this isn’t the only climate change impact that Milwaukee and Wisconsin are facing.
Flooding is on the rise throughout our entire state due to torrential rains, threatening our neighborhoods and infrastructure.These threats are becoming more frequent and formidable for all of America, not just Milwaukee. Earlier this month, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that we’ve got only 12 years to avert total climate catastrophe. And each week, it seems, new scientific and economic reports highlight the growing threats to industries and regions from climate change. Amidst these dire reports, communities around the country continue to bear the brunt of climate change in the form of hurricanes, storm surges, wild fires, and flooding.

Opinion: MLBs most energy, environment, and climate conscious players

By Matt Chester
This article was published by the Chester Energy and Policy blog on July 9, 2018.

Matt Chester assembles an All-Star Team with MLB players who have proven themselves to be the most conscious of issues surrounding energy, the environment, and climate change.

Sports can be the ultimate awareness raiser for climate issues

Baseball’s Midsummer Classic is just around the corner, where fans, players, and coaches all vote on which players will play in the All-Star Game based on their performance during the first half of the season.

This year’s game is hosted in Washington, D.C, both home of the first Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium ever to be certified as LEED Silver and also epicentre of U.S. politicians debating the green issues of the day.

As such, I thought it appropriate to assemble an All-Star Team with MLB players who have proven themselves to be the most conscious of issues surrounding energy, the environment, and climate change– the Green All-Star Game, if you will.

Why do this?
Lew Blaustein of the GreenSportsBlog does a great job explaining that bringing awareness to green issues is the most critical action athletes, teams, and leagues can do with their platform.

Athletes especially can educate the public and make environmental issues relevant to new audiences. The world of sports already takes pride in charitable work, including such high-profile partnerships as the NFL integrating pink into its colour schemes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Among MLB players, the most commonly supported charities include children’s hospitals, fighting poverty, cancer research, and more.

Obviously, these charities are more than deserving causes, but surely there is also room for athletes focusing on climate change and the clean energy transition.

Baseball players are especially great for these endeavours because they are exceedingly marketable given their faces are not obscured by helmets like football or hockey players, they have long-lasting careers, and baseball forever has a place in the social sphere as America’s Game.

Not only that, but baseball players have many reasons to advocate for the environment and fight against climate change.

For one, the effects of climate change are most immediate and dangerous to islands and nations in the Caribbean, and MLB rosters feature a significant number of players from vulnerable communities— notably the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and more.

And if not for altruistic reason, baseball players might even seek to support green causes so climate change doesn’t alter the number of home runs or the hit-by-pitch count in baseball (note– I know there’s no real evidence of these effects, this is said tongue-in-cheek– put away the pitchforks).

Who makes the cut?
With all that said, the search begins for MLB players who have publicly championed green causes– whether that means renewable energy technologies, environmental causes, or fighting climate change.

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