Schneider Electric Signs on as Partner of Green Sports Arena in Las Vegas


Schneider Electric, a global corporation that specializes in providing energy efficiency solutions for hundreds of facilities around the world, is making a major leap into the field of sports and entertainment venues. In February, Schneider was named as a founding partner of the new arena project slated for the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, a $375 million project being funded through a partnership between AEG and MGM Resorts International.

As a partner, Schneider Electric will take the lead on designing, installing, and operating all of the lighting, security, and metering systems that require energy in the building. The company will utilize its expertise as facilities automation specialists to streamline gas, water, and electricity usage in the venue. The company will try to find ways to reduce the environmental impacts of the 20,000-seat arena, slated to open in spring 2016.

Schneider, as a founding partner, will continue to provide its services as a partner after the venue opens. “Our participation is not just in the construction and set-up,” Schneider Electric chief marketing officer Chris Hummel said about the announcement, “for we have been engaged to participate as an efficiency and sustainability consultant. We have many ideas about how to make these technologies more experiential for the fan base.”

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