University of Washington Named No. 1 Green Football School by

University of Washington was recently awarded the no. 1 ranking as the greenest football school, reported environmentally-focused trade publication, Environmental Leader. ranked the top 25 NCAA football schools for the 2014 season, with the following criteria:

  • Stadium sustainability efforts
  • Number of active green organizations
  • Waste diversion rate
  • Percentage of budget spent on locally grown or organic foods
  • Level of environmental studies degrees offered

Husky Stadium played a big part to secure the University’s spot at the top of the list. The Stadium is expected to receive LEED certification from the USGBC for their $250 million renovation, as well as their new, 80,000-square-foot football operations center. In addition to these noteworthy infrastructure projects, the Stadium has long implemented systems and fan engagement to promote environmental responsibility. Their game-day recycling program was featured in a National Resources Defense Council’s Collegiate Game Changer report in 2013, highlighting the school as an industry leader.

Their sustainability efforts don’t end at the stadium though. University of Washington’s ranking is also due to the activities happening across campus, with 45 green organizations, a waste diversion rate of 58 percent, and the purchase of locally grown or organic foods.

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A Win-Win for Sustainability and Football at Mizzou’s Season Opener

Mizzou Football’s season opener demonstrated Mizzou Athletics’commitment on the field and to the environment. August 30th marked the University of Missouri’s win against South Dakota State’s Jackrabbits and a significant achievement in in their sustainability efforts.

Fans at Memorial Stadium made use of many more blue recycling containers throughout the stadium than the previous season. Color-coordinated trash and recycling bags were also used in expanded recycling efforts at the tailgate lots. Blue recycling bags were distributed to tailgating fans, who contributed to the recycling of 4.348 tons of material following the game weekend.

The total amount of material recycled represents the university’s best season-opening total diverted waste and is well above Mizzou’s average recycling load of 1.7 tons per game from last season. With the continued growth of these programs, developed by the University of Missouri’s Campus Sustainability Office and Sustain Mizzou, a student organization, Mizzou Athletics’sustainability – and football team – are both off to a great start this season.

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49ers’ Levi’s Stadium in Pursuit of Becoming Nation’s Greenest Stadium with Recycled Water Use

The San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium is poised to achieve some significant firsts in the green sports movement. With a highly innovative design and essential partnerships with local organizations, Levi’s Stadium is now the first NFL stadium to open with a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, and the first stadium in California to utilize a recycled water system.

About 85 percent of the water used at Levi’s Stadium will be supplied by the city of Santa Clara’s recycled water system. The scope and variety of applications for recycled water at the 49ers’ new facility will be the most extensive use of recycled water of any stadium in the nation. Uses for the recycled water include:

  • playing field irrigation
  • a 27,000 square foot green roof
  • cooling tower make-up water
  • toilet flushing

Although the new stadium addresses sustainability as a whole, the attention to water use is particularly important. “With California experiencing historic drought conditions, the timing couldn’t be better to showcase the benefits of using recycled water whenever and wherever possible,” said 49ers’ Vice President of Stadium Operations Jim Mercurio.

The cooperation between the 49ers and local government and other organizations shows that strong partnerships can help to conserve natural resources and set new environmental standards for sports venues.

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Learn more about sustainability at Levi’s Stadium.

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