M&T Bank Stadium Featured in New National Recycling Ad Campaign

Teaming up for the first time since the early 1970s, the non-profit public service groups Keep America Beautiful  and the Ad Council have reunited to promote recycling to Americans to release a new multimedia campaign, “I Want to be Recycled”. Utilizing a multipronged approach through their website as well as television and other traditional media, the campaign aims to demystify recycling and show how everyday products can be transformed to new uses.

M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, was featured in one of the television ads released on Wednesday. In the ad, viewers are shown how the common aluminum can takes on a new life as construction materials for an NFL stadium.

“Those we surveyed were interested in creating less waste and some of the other environmental benefits of recycling,” Keep America Beautiful senior vice president Brenda Pulley said in an interview with Resource Recycling. “But one of the more interesting takeaways was how many of the respondents were intrigued and fascinated that recovered materials could become something else. This campaign is designed to tap into that desire as well as provide helpful tools to make recycling easier.”


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