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For more than 20 years, EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program has helped consumers and building owners identify top-performing products and buildings, driving improvements in energy and water use in residential and commercial facilities. Now, stadium and arena owners and operators are working with the EPA to create an ENERGY STAR® score that would allow them to see how well their venues compare against their peers when it comes to energy and water use. Those that score high may receive ENERGY STAR® certification from the EPA and earn recognition for outstanding environmental leadership. But, to develop a certification, the EPA needs the assistance of sports venue operators throughout the U.S. and Canada to provide anonymous energy and water data on their stadiums and arenas.

With that goal in mind, the U.S. DOE, EPA, Green Sports Alliance, and National Institute of Building Sciences are inviting sports venue owners and operators to take a survey about their facilities’ energy and water usage. The purpose of the survey is to identify opportunities to reduce energy and water use, save money, and lead the way towards the possible development of a new ENERGY STAR® score and certification for stadiums and arenas.

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