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Portland State Names Valerie Cleary New Athletic Director

By Molly Blue
The Oregonian/OregonLive


Portland State University President Wim Wiewel has named Valerie Cleary the new Director of Athletics for the Vikings program. Cleary returns to Portland State after spending the past two years as AD at Willamette University in Salem.

Cleary replaces Mark Rountree, who is moving on to a role as Deputy Athletics Director of Georgia Tech.

“As our former associate athletics director who served as interim director before Mark was hired, Valerie Cleary has a keen understanding that academics and community engagement are a central part of the values of Portland State University athletics,” said President Wiewel. “She also has deep experience and knowledge not only of athletics and athletes but of Oregon and the Northwest. We are thrilled that Valerie is returning to our campus as PSU’s new athletics director.”

Previously, Cleary was the senior associate athletics director and senior woman administrator at Portland State. She served in that capacity from September 2013 until she was named PSU’s interim athletics director in the fall of 2014 as PSU was completing an AD search that led to Rountree’s hiring. Cleary was named AD at Willamette in the spring of 2015.

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Emerging Environmental Liability of the Avian Kind

By Heath Waldorf
BCA Consulting

Photo © Bigstock.com

Photo © Bigstock.com

Stadiums reflect the trifecta of desirability for birds; food, sun, & lots of available shelter that is inaccessible to people. As such, mitigation of risks associated with birds relative to venue design and operation has primarily been focused on protection of structures, property, and the public from the negative effects of pest birds.

Recently, one pro sports club has already learned that Environmental Liability also includes the protection of nature’s avian friends who are potentially victims of our built environment. The issue of bird collisions has become a hot topic for stadiums and arenas in the path of migratory birds or the vicinity of local populations.

For aesthetic, constructability, and environmental reasons, a multi-year trend in architecture has been utilization of large exterior glazing systems to manage energy costs by bringing in light and affecting control of temperature in indoor environments. The technique is particularly valuable on large projects where the positive effects in construction and building operation can be amplified.

Unfortunately, the large glass is difficult for birds travelling at high speed to identify as solid and collisions are inevitable. Birds either think they can fly straight into the open space behind the glass or see a reflection of what’s behind them and think they can reach it by heading straight into the glass.

The goal in either preventative or responsive mitigation is to somehow make the glass more visible or to reduce the attractiveness of what may lie on the other side. There are techniques in the design phase which can be used to compliment integration of large glass panes.

Preventative integration of mitigation tactics unfortunately has a visual impact on the building and may instead lead to large scale design changes. Currently, the available responsive solutions such as films or stickers are un-proven long term in large scale applications.

Those that are proponents of protection of birds are a vocal group with sponsorship of initiative coming from the Audubon Society, The American Bird Conservancy, and various cities (San Francisco, Toronto, New York, and Chicago).

It would be wise to incorporate consideration of this valid threat to the environment in future design and development of sporting venues.

Golden 1 Center Wins GSB’s Best New Arena of 2016

By Lew Blaustein

Chris Granger, President of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. (Photo credit: Sacramento Kings)

Chris Granger, President of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. (Photo credit: Sacramento Kings)

Chris Granger, Sacramento Kings Prez, on Golden 1 Center Winning GSB’s Best New Arena of 2016

Golden 1 Center, the new home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and the world’s first LEED Platinum arena, is the winner of GreenSportsBlog’s “Greenest New Stadium/Arena” of 2016. Kings President Chris Granger offered comments on behalf of the club.

Expectations are high these days for new stadiums and arenas these days from a green building perspective. Virtually all projects are built with some sort of LEED certification—the standard in green building and renovation as governed by the US Green Building Council—in mind.

Golden 1 Center, the new home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings surmounted the high green building bar. The host venue of the June 2017 Green Sports Alliance Summit is the first arena in the world to earn LEED Platinum status, the top level of certification available. Golden 1 Center most likely notched LEED points for:

Being both an indoor and outdoor space, featuring five massive hangar doors above the grand entrance that open and allow the arena to use a natural cooling phenomenon in Sacramento – The Delta Breeze – to efficiently control the building’s climate.
Powering itself solely by solar energy, with energy generated from rooftop solar and by plugging into the area’s “solar grid”
Going local as ninety percent of the food consumed at the arena is locally produced, much of it organic.
With this in mind, Golden 1 Center last week earned GreenSportsBlog’s GREENEST NEW STADIUM/ARENA designation for 2016.

In accepting the award on behalf of Golden 1 Center and the Kings, club president Chris Granger said in a statement that “Golden 1 Center is a shining example of how a sports team can think purposefully about how they use resources and minimize their impact. With over 1 million guests a year, we have a unique platform to educate and inspire our community, our partners, and businesses around the world to a higher standard of sustainability and preservation.”

Read the full blog post and interview here.

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