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Austin Huns Rugby Partner with Green Sports Alliance

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The Austin Huns are proud to announce a new partnership with the Green Sports Alliance, an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. The partnership makes Austin Huns the first rugby club in the world to join the Green Sports Alliance.

“We are very honored to be a part of such a reputable organization,” said Huns Rugby Management Owner, Richard Osborn. The Austin Huns are committed to being trailblazers for the city of Austin, TX by advancing sustainability efforts including the designing and building of greener buildings, developing and deploying smart infrastructure, and the engaging and influencing of fan behavior. These projects will save money, which the team can then reinvest and use to expand community programs and other club initiatives.

“The Alliance is thrilled to have the Austin Huns, our first rugby team, join our membership,” said Justin Zeulner, executive director of the Green Sports Alliance. “With the Austin Huns taking the initiative to make strides in greening their organization and operations, we hope the entire rugby industry will follow their lead towards advancing the sports greening movement.”

The Austin Huns are very active in the Austin community. Beginning this past May 2016, the Huns partnered with the Austin Police Department to create the CARY/APD Summer Program for Rugby. The program featured multiple rugby sessions with dozens of participants each session. The club sponsors a blood drive for Central Texas Blood and Tissue Center, in the form of a rugby tournament. “Bloodfest” features over 70 teams from around the nation and is held as an awareness campaign for the growing need for blood donations. The Austin Huns also sponsor blood drives throughout the Austin area.

The Austin Huns join a prestigious group of Green Sports Alliance members that represent over 370 teams, venues, events and universities across 20 leagues in 14 countries. Some of their members include the Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos, World Series winners Kansas City Royals, MLS Cup Champion Portland Timbers, and NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.  Stantec (formerly Bury, Inc.) and the Huns will work closely on designing and building the first Rugby Complex in Texas, incorporating the Green Sports Alliance’s better practices for sustainable design and operations. The Austin Huns hope to set a new standard for environmental performance and sustainability for sports arenas and will work as sustainability ambassadors in the rugby community and broader sports world.  With these goals in mind, the Austin Huns and Green Sports Alliance will demonstrate the impact strong partnerships can have in creating healthy, sustainable communities.

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Sacramento’s Golden Opportunity

by Jarah Wright
Arena Digest

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Construction continues as the Sacramento Kings’ new arena, the Golden 1 Center, looks to open in October, just in time for the 2016-2017 NBA season. According to the arena’s website, the project has encompassed four city blocks including the arena and the downtown commons area. Along with the arena, there will be 1.5 million square feet of additional development that includes office space, retail space, hotels, and residential units. There will also be a new state-of-the-art sports medicine facility, with the Kings teaming up with Kaiser Permanente.

The project has been innovative for several reasons: technology and sustainability. The Kings’ owner is tech mogul Vivek Ranadivé, so it’s no wonder that the Golden 1 Center will have as many bells and whistles as possible. In a report released in January, the Kings laid out their plans which included partnering with Comcast Business, Commscope, and Valley Communications to build more than 900 miles of fiber and copper cabling to enhance all communications and deliver data extremely fast with the Internet connection estimated to be 17,000 times faster than if you were at home.

Sustainability has been another aspect of this project with the new Golden 1 Center looking to earn a LEED-Gold certification, which is a rating system that measures the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. The Golden 1 Center will be carbon and grid neutral and will be utilizing regionally sourced materials and only FSC-Certifed wood, an international standard of quality and responsible forest management.

According to the arena’s website, 100 percent of the arena’s energy will come from solar energy sourced within 50 miles of the arena. About 85 percent of the energy will come from the Sacramento Municipality Utility District via Rancho Seco Solar Array while the remaining 15 percent will come from the roof of the arena, where solar panels will be installed. The arena will also use a displacement ventilation system to reduce use of overhead fans and its food and beverage program will source 90 percent of the arena’s ingredients from producers within 150 miles. With all of the new green additions to the arena, the Golden 1 Center has been chosen to host the 2017 Green Sports Alliance Summit.

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Tackling Climate Through Sports

The White House Blog
By Laura Petes, Robert Strickling, and Becky Kreutter

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The White House is inviting athletes, organizations, schools, and teams to submit ideas and commitments on ways to act on climate through sports.

Athletes of all levels are quickly discovering that this summer is hot—record-breaking hot—making it harder to play and perform. Millions of athletes play sports that are directly impacted by weather and climate. Extreme heat is just one of the impacts from climate change that is already affecting athletes, from professional teams to kids playing their first game of tee-ball. Extreme weather and climate change also pose risks to spectators and event staff, and a number of athletic facilities and infrastructure are in low-lying, flood-prone regions.

Athletes and sports teams can be important champions for climate action and preparedness:

  • Athletic programs, organizations, and teams can improve energy and water efficiency of their facilities or lower the carbon footprint of their travel.
  • Communities and schools can develop resilience strategies for facilities and operations located in areas most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.
  • Individual athletes or teams can educate members of the public about the risks of climate change.
    Many individuals and organizations from the athletic community have already stepped up to take action on climate, and athletes are increasingly speaking out to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on their sports and on society.

We want to hear about work that you or your organization are doing to address the impacts of climate change on athletics and to help athletes and teams serve as leaders on climate. What new, measurable steps are you taking to act on climate? Tell us what you are doing to respond to this call to action via this web form by September 2, 2016.

Laura Petes is the Assistant Director for Climate Adaptation and Ecosystems for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Robert Strickling is the Staff Director for Environment and Energy for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Becky Kreutter is a SINSI Fellow for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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