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Lean and green: Can Land Rover-Ben Ainslie Racing win America’s Cup?

Lew Blaustein for GreenBiz

Part 1 of a three-part series on Land Rover BAR’s sustainability strategy. 

Sir Ben Ainslie leaving dock during Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Series prep race in October in Bermuda. Photo credit: Lloyd Images

Sir Ben Ainslie leaving dock during Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Series prep race in October in Bermuda. Photo credit: Lloyd Images

Susie Tomson, sustainability manager for Land Rover BAR, laughed modestly when she and her colleagues were termed 21st century sailing-sustainability equivalents of 1960s and 1970s NASA scientists — minus, of course, the starched white shirts and thin “just the facts” ties.

Modesty aside, what Tomson and the Land Rover BAR team, along with exclusive sustainability partner 11th Hour Racing, are doing, sustainability and business-wise, has the chance to disrupt the way sailing race teams operate, while also helping Land Rover BAR win the 2017 America’s Cup. In other words, it’s like an Apollo program for sailing. How are they doing this?

It starts with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a technique that assesses the environmental — and financial — impacts associated with all stages of a product’s life from cradle to grave (for example, from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling).

Over the last five to 10 years, the LCA approach has been adopted by a wide variety of iconic companies, from Apple to UnileverLevi Strauss to Xerox. The sailing industry? Not so much. So why did Land Rover BAR decide to take the lead?

Because skipper Sir Ben Ainslie and Land Rover BAR felt that being the most sustainable sailing team would make them the most efficient, financially and on the water. And doing so would help make its playing field — the oceans — cleaner, healthier and more hospitable to the sport.

Thus, when the team was forming in 2013, its goals were clear: Win the 2017 America’s Cup in Bermuda and do so in the most environmentally, socially and financially responsible way possible. While it’s easy to tell whether the boat wins the race, it’s not so easy to know all of the environmental, social and financial impacts of the journey that would get the team from inception to finish line.

That’s where LCA came in — as the detailed scoreboard that measured Land Rover BAR’s environmental and associated financial impacts attendant to building the race boat and the support boats.

“We knew that, in addition to the race boat, we’d be building a number of test boats,” said Tomson. “All would have significant material and energy inputs. It was important to us to know the carbon impacts of all of our boat-building efforts. So we started creating an LCA model for the boat-building process from the very beginning. ”

Here’s how the LCA helped the Land Rover BAR team with its race boat and two types of support boats…

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UEFA unveils FSC-certified EURO 2016 tickets

FSC International

As the EURO 2016 football tournament approaches, UEFA – the governing body of European football – and EURO 2016 SAS – the body responsible for the operational aspects of the tournament – have unveiled the official EURO 2016 tickets. They are made of FSC-certified paper, and their design includes an FSC label.

2016.04.26-NewsFeed-UEFA FSC Tickets-IMAGE


The ticket design includes a variety of tournament elements, and aims to reflect the festive atmosphere and the modern values of football. The responsible origin of the paper on which it is printed is shown on the back of the ticket, where it carries an FSC label.

UEFA’s choice of FSC-certified paper is in line with its commitment to sustainability. Its responsible sourcing actions also include the use of FSC-certified paper for the production of accompanying letters and envelopes, and for the tickets of other selected football matches this year, such as the UEFA Champions League Final, the Europa League Final 2016, and the Super Cup 2016.

UEFA unveils FSC-certified EURO 2016 tickets (© UEFA)


“During the last few years, the uptake of FSC-certified materials and products in sports events has increased. As the awareness of sustainability and social responsibility increase, this is also reflected in the sectors in which paper, wood and other forest products are used. For example at the London Olympics, more than two thirds of the wood used to build the Olympic Park was FSC certified,” commented Marcelle Peuckert, Business Development Director at FSC International. “We welcome this trend and encourage sports governing bodies to require materials that are of responsible origin. It is great to see that FSC-certified products can play a role in securing the environmental responsibility of an event such as EURO 2016.”

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Portland’s Green Sports Alliance continues to add big-league members

Portland Business Journal

The Green Sports Alliance’s ranks have swelled to nearly 400 members since forming in 2010.

The organization has focused on developing case studies from best practices for sustainability at sporting venues across the country, helping member teams and leagues (the group counts the NHL, NFL and MLB as members) implement energy and other efficiency efforts.


Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara is shown working at a local garden during Stand Together Week, the Portland Timbers’ annual citywide week of service.

Last year, the group launched Green Sports Alliance Europe. The organization has had international members, but never in a cohesive manner like with the new structure, said Justin Zeulner, who leads the alliance.

The group also recently started a corporate members network. The hope is to influence how companies can promote healthy, sustainable economic growth, he said.

“What started as six Pacific Northwest teams getting together inspired by the Trail Blazers’ work has become a global movement,” Zeulner said.

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