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UPS Steps Up Sustainability Efforts

Last week, UPS announced that it will buy as much as 46 million gallons of renewable diesel over the next three years. Renewable diesel products are made from an array of bio-based sources, including palm and waste oils, and animal fats. They are chemically so close to conventional diesel that they can replace the fuel in engines and pipelines, performing as well or better than petroleum-based diesel.

Joe McGinn, a UPS driver, fills up his truck with liquid natural gas in Ontario. Credit J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times

Joe McGinn, a UPS driver, fills up his truck with liquid natural gas in Ontario.
Credit J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times

This step will help the company reach a goal of displacing 12 percent of the petroleum-based fuels in its ground fleet by 2017. UPS also hopes that actions like this will help encourage investment in the technologies needed to reduce the cost of renewable diesel and increase adoption.

This is a new accomplishment for UPS, building on the ongoing sustainability work that it has established. UPS has worked with the NCAA for several years, helping to green their organization and individual schools’ operations. From shipping goods, to transportation solutions, to ticket sales and distribution, UPS is creating efficiencies that help the organizations’ bottom line and use their resources more effectively.

UPS has also released a Corporate Sustainability Report every year since 2002. Their 2014 Report was released last week and is available for download on UPS’s sustainability website.

UPS 2014 Sustainability Report

UPS 2014 Sustainability Report

Rhonda Clark, UPS’s Chief Sustainability Officer, is featured in a video on their website, along with infographics relating to their progress. Among their achievements and continued goals:

  • UPS now has 5,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
  • In 2014, UPS coordinated 263 relief shipments across 43 countries
  • By the end of 2020, UPS aims to reduce carbon intensity from transportation by 20%
  • UPS has a goal of 20 million volunteer hours by the end of 2020

UPS is a partner of the Green Sports Alliance and many Alliance members and shares the commitment to the people and communities they serve. Read more about their sustainability efforts at www.ups.com/sustainability.

Green Sports Alliance Interviewed on Go Green Radio

Today, Go Green Radio interviewed Allen Hershkowitz, Co-Founder and President of the Green Sports Alliance, and Gabriel Krenza, NRDC Strategic Food Advisor and Champions of Game Day Food co-author. Go Green Radio host Jill Buck features stories every Friday that highlight simple, responsible behavior shifts that can ultimately protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Go Green Radio Interview-2015.08.07


Food Report Cover

The interview focused on the recently released Champions of Game Day Food report, which highlights the efforts that sports venues are taking to improve their impacts on human health. Many leading professional sports venues that serve all major leagues are now providing more sustainable food options to fans. Case studies of 20 venues spanning North America feature their healthier food options and sustainable food practices behind the scenes to help advance smarter environmental practices throughout our food system.

Listen to the full interview with Go Green Radio.

Pac-12 Sustainability Highlights

The Pac-12 is the first NCAA Power 5 Conference to join the Green Sports Alliance and they continue to experience significant success on and off the field. The 2015 Pac-12 Football Media Days took place July 30-31 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Commissioner Larry Scott’s had the following to say in his address:

“My future outlook for college football is very optimistic on a national level, and certainly within the Pac-12. College football has never been stronger or more popular. Last year’s College Football Playoff was a resounding success, and brought even more attention to the sport we love… Last year also saw a high point for the Pac-12 on the field. Our depth across both divisions saw ESPN calling this the best football conference in the country.”

2015.08.06-NewsFeed-Pac-12 Sustainability-IMAGETheir success carries over to all of the Pac-12 schools’ sustainability efforts as well. Sports greening initiatives at each school are helping to reduce emissions of global warming pollution, protect habitat, save energy and water, reach millions of fans with environmental messages, and train future business leaders in environmental stewardship.

Here are a few highlights from some of the Pac-12 schools:

The UA athletics department boasts on-site solar at the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center and LEED certification for their Lowell-Stevens Football Facility. In 2010, the University of Arizona also built the first university recreation center in the U.S. to be awarded LEED Platinum certification, which uses solar energy for both heating the pool and cooling the building’s chiller systems.

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON DUCKS (AASHE STARS Reporter): The Ducks have hosted some of the greenest sports events in the nation, winning the International Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Award for North America. UO is also home to the LEED Gold certified Matthew Knight Arena.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES BRUINS (AASHE STARS Silver Renewing): The UCLA Spieker Aquatic Center, an outdoor 50-meter swimming pool and diving complex, received LEED Gold status in 2012. The UCLA’s renovation of 13,000 square feet of existing space on campus into the Kinross Recreation Center is also expected to receive LEED Gold certification.

UNIVERSITY OF UTAH UTES (AASHE STARS Bronze Renewing): The Utes new football and basketball training centers are designed to be at least LEED Silver certified. The first phase of energy efficient LED lighting upgrades to The Huntsman Center and indoor football practice field is also complete. In 2013, Utah Athletics started including public transportation fare for all ticketed events, encouraging fans to travel by light rail and bus. Student volunteers also make “Recycle Rice Eccles” and game day bicycle valets two of the most successful campaigns on campus

The Pac-12 is celebrating 100 years as the “Conference of Champions” this season and we hope to see their continued success and sustainability efforts for 100 more.

Read more about the recent Pac-12 Football Media Days.

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