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Citizens Business Bank Arena Breaks Ground As First US Professional Hockey Arena to Make Ice Using Recycled Water

Released by Citizens Business Bank Arena:

Arena’s recycled water projects expected to save 5 million gallons of potable water annually!

Citizens Business Bank Arena officials have announced a ground-breaking water conservation project to be implemented for the Ontario Reign’s 2014-2015 ECHL hockey season. On October 1, 2014 Citizens Business Bank Arena, a City of Ontario owned facility and an AEG Facilities operated arena, will become the first professional hockey arena in the United States to make ice using recycled water.  The project is a partnership between Citizens Business Bank Arena, the City of Ontario and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, which is providing the recycled water.  Combined with the savings from a recent project to operate Citizens Business Bank Arena’s cooling towers using recycled water, both projects together could save an estimated 5 million gallons of potable water each year.

Citizens Business Bank Arena’s innovative use of recycled water has been applauded by leaders in the environmental movement. “Water scarcity is going to rival sea level rise as one of the consequences of global climate change. In California this is already very apparent, with 58% of the state experiencing extreme drought.” said Allen Hershkowitz, Ph.D. and Senior Scientist, with the Natural Resources Defense Council and Co-Founder of the Green Sports Alliance.  “Besides the local water saving benefits that Citizens Business Bank Arena will achieve by recycling water to make ice, literally millions of gallons annually, the market and cultural visibility of the arena will inspire businesses and fans throughout the region to conserve water as well.”

Water conservation is a high priority for Citizens Business Bank Arena, which has taken several measures to cut its annual water consumption by 48% since 2009. Projects including installing low-flow faucets, switching to waterless urinals, and implementing water-saving irrigation practices have driven these major reductions. Citizens Business Bank Arena also has a strong history of using recycled water, which has been used for irrigation since 2008 and currently comprises 60% of its annual water consumption. “Since opening, we’ve aggressively pursued opportunities to conserve water and use recycled water where we can,” says Richard Vartigian, Director of Operations at Citizens Business Bank Arena. “Kelly White, Facilities Engineer Supervisor, and I try to push the boundaries of what’s possible and it’s been incredible to watch the idea of creating professional hockey ice from recycled water become a reality at our facility.”

Beyond water conservation, Citizens Business Bank Arena has implemented many initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment and actively participates in AEG 1EARTH, AEG’s corporate environmental sustainability program. Through the AEG 1EARTH program, Citizens Business Bank Arena tracks monthly “Ecometrics” to monitor energy and water usage, waste diversion, and responsible purchasing, and works to continuously improve in all categories.

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University of Phoenix Stadium Installs LED Sports Lighting in Time for Big Games

The Arizona Cardinals’ home field, University of Phoenix Stadium, will host the Fiesta Bowl in December, the Pro Bowl in January 2015 and the Super Bowl in February 2015. In advance of the big games, the stadium has installed high performance LED stadium lights from Ephesus Lighting, Inc., becoming the first NFL venue to illuminate the  playing surface exclusively with LED lighting.

The University of Phoenix Stadium installed just 312 Ephesus Stadium fixtures to replace more than 780 metal halide fixtures, and is expecting to experience approximately a 75% reduction in overall sports lighting energy.

“We are excited about replacing our metal halide fixtures with state-of-the-art Ephesus LED lighting fixture,” said Peter Sullivan, General Manager and Regional Vice President for Global Spectrum at University of Phoenix Stadium. “As the host venue for the 2015 Super Bowl, we look forward to demonstrating the benefits of LED technology to a global audience.”

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University of Washington Named No. 1 Green Football School by SaveOnEnergy.com

University of Washington was recently awarded the no. 1 ranking as the greenest football school, reported environmentally-focused trade publication, Environmental Leader. SaveOnEnergy.com ranked the top 25 NCAA football schools for the 2014 season, with the following criteria:

  • Stadium sustainability efforts
  • Number of active green organizations
  • Waste diversion rate
  • Percentage of budget spent on locally grown or organic foods
  • Level of environmental studies degrees offered

Husky Stadium played a big part to secure the University’s spot at the top of the list. The Stadium is expected to receive LEED certification from the USGBC for their $250 million renovation, as well as their new, 80,000-square-foot football operations center. In addition to these noteworthy infrastructure projects, the Stadium has long implemented systems and fan engagement to promote environmental responsibility. Their game-day recycling program was featured in a National Resources Defense Council’s Collegiate Game Changer report in 2013, highlighting the school as an industry leader.

Their sustainability efforts don’t end at the stadium though. University of Washington’s ranking is also due to the activities happening across campus, with 45 green organizations, a waste diversion rate of 58 percent, and the purchase of locally grown or organic foods.

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