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St. Louis Rams Celebrate 2013 Green Week

In an ongoing commitment to sustainability, the St. Louis Rams are working to further reduce their environmental impact during the team’s fourth annual Green Week. Festivities will begin this Friday with the Rams Recycle Drive at the Anheuser- Busch Tour Center and culminate in the 2013 Green Game against the Chicago Bears at the Edward Jones Dome on November 24.

The Rams are also teaming up with Meridian Waste and Forest Park Forever on November 19 to engage in volunteer fan opportunities in the park, and will hold a forum on Tuesday evening to inform the public about the team’s new solar energy system as well as educating fans about how solar power can benefit residential areas.

For the game against Chicago, the Rams have committed to offsetting 100% of the electricity used at the Edward Jones Dome for the game using Missouri wind energy credits from Ameren Missouri Pure Power. They are also funding offsets for fan travel to the stadium as well as the visiting team’s environmental travel costs.

Read more about the St. Louis Rams’ Green Week here.


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34th America’s Cup Earns Clean Regatta Certification

Sailors for the Sea, an ocean conservation nonprofit organization working to promote sustainability in the sailing and boating community, recently awarded its Platinum Level Clean Regatta certification to the 34th America’s Cup. The America’s Cup Event Authority earned the honor by adhering to an 81-point best management practices checklist that was then subject to an independent review. These metric-based goals addressed such areas as boat fuel discharge and runoff, composting and waste management, sustainable sourcing of food, and water bottle reduction.

“Each of the 34th America’s Cup events provided us with an opportunity to minimize any negative impacts, maximize positive legacy benefits, and engage with the public to deliver a positive sustainability message and raise environmental awareness,” said Jill Savery, head of sustainability for ACEA. “The efforts of everyone involved in delivering event activities have raised the bar for future America’s Cup events, and has left a local legacy for the San Francisco community.”


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